Cracked & Uneven
Concrete is a
Safety Hazard!

Whether you have damaged or sunken concrete our team can help. Our polyjacking process is quick, efficient, and will leave your concrete surfaces looking like new.  

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What our customers have to say about us

PJ Deusenberry
October 7, 2021

Michael Barr was amazing!! The service was great and it was scheduled so quickly. We had some settlement that caused a space (not a sinkhole) under 1 driveway and cracks all along our other driveway. He came out and injected foam to level it all out. Then he filled in the cracks and shaved areas of the concrete that needed it. He was so professional. I would definitely recommend him and Midstate Concrete to EVERYONE. Cynthia was so quick in responding to a question I had right before the service. The whole experience was great.

Robert Regeczi
December 12, 2019

The crew that worked on my house was professional and timely. They reinforced the basement wall adjoining the garage. They raised the garage floor to its proper height and they put in a concrete apron with a cross driveway drain to handle runoff. They were pleasant to work with and completed everything on time.

Midstate Concrete is an outstanding company from Cynthia in the office who was courteous, helpful, and friendly to Eric and his crew who gave us fair pricing and quality work. They arrived on time as scheduled and did a professional job in all areas! Eric and his crew really went above and beyond to help the church! I would strongly recommend them to anyone needing concrete work done!

January 6, 2023

Total legit business. MIDSTATE CONCRETE Can help you with all your fondation problems. I am glad I called them. They showed up on time did the job to my satisfaction. Thank you Rod and your team at Midstate Concrete.👍

James Gilfilian
July 10, 2020

I've done business with this company for over 5 years and it is always been a positive experience. They are quick, responsive and very professional. Highly recommend them for any concrete leveling work!

Kasha Bopp
January 7, 2022

Midstate Concrete was wonderful to work with from the initial call to the office to inquire about a quote, and throughout the whole project. They were very responsive, on time, and provided great service! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

October 21, 2021

I got three quotes from different companies in regards to the structure of my 100+ year old house. Two of them eye balled the job and quoted me 10k within 30 minutes of walking around it. Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting is the only company that put in work to assess the situation. Alan and Eric both came out to my house, spent a great amount of time taking measurements of my floors, and went under my home taking pictures. They actually found that there was nothing wrong with my foundation and didn’t try ripping me off like the other companies did, saving me 10k! If you’re looking for an honest and thorough company, this is it!

Dale Witkowski
December 14, 2019

The slab of concrete in front of my garage had sunk because of water damage. Midstate Concrete raised it up level with the garage floor. They were courteous, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone needing concrete work.

Cindy M
May 9, 2021

Our pool deck needed help! April 23rd...all was fixed. YAY! Everyone at this company has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them. From the first phone call with Cynthia to discuss our pool decking cracking and settling to the finished product. Eric Leach and Don Sinn both inspected our damage and showed us exactly how it could be corrected. Working with Cynthia, we booked our appointment working easily within our schedule. They followed up with reminder emails for every step of the process and even included pictures of the individual who would be arriving. Michael called the day of the appointment 1/2 hour before his scheduled arrival time just to let me know he was on his way. So amazing to see how the whole process works for lifting and leveling our pool deck where places were sinking. And I'm very relieved to know all the areas are now filled in with their product and our concrete pool deck is supported.

alysha roman
July 15, 2020

From start to finish, Midstate Concrete were very professional and helpful with all my questions. The job was completed in a timely manner and the finished work looks excellent. Would recommend them to all my friends and family!

Linda Cooper
February 10, 2021

The concrete on my patio where seams met had dropped appx 2 inches. Midstate drilled holes into the concrete and injected a foam to lift the concrete so it was level. They did an excellent job and it is so nice to no longer have a tripping hazard. I can't say enough about what an outstanding job they did.

Kate Parisi
November 22, 2020

I highly recommend Midstate Concrete, who placed a trench drain in front of my garage door and raised my garage floor. Very friendly, professional contractors. Great communication, on time, and efficient. Final product looks & works great. Adam and Michael worked together to find the best solution for rainwater running into my garage. They even lowered my original quote due to their coordination instead of providing service and charges beyond necessary for effectiveness.

Dan Johnson
October 27, 2022

I used Midstate Concrete because they are a Concrete Company! I researched my needs and found that several other "Foundation Companies" no longer or just don`t use Concrete for repairs anymore. In my specific situation I needed both the structural support and a new section of driveway (sidewalk) poured and they delivered. Given the fact that the Companies Office was affected by a Hurricane they still made a timely effort to stay on scheduled and complete the job.I would use them again.

Quick & Efficient Polyjacking

Midstate Basement Authorities is the best company to call for polyjacking services. Our polyjacking process is quick, efficient, and will leave your concrete surfaces free of tripping hazards. We have years of experience in the concrete lifting field and use the latest technology to fix your uneven surfaces.

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners. They are durable and can last for years with proper maintenance. However, over time, concrete driveways can become uneven and cracked.
Sidewalks provide a safe place for pedestrians to walk. Over time, they become cracked and uneven. Polyjacking is a process that can level and repair sidewalks so they remain safe for years to come.
Garage Floors
Your Garage Floors take a lot of abuse, from heat, weather, & the weight of your car. Before you replace your garage floor, consider Polyjacking. This will fix cracks & unevenness quickly and affordably.
Patios provide a great place to entertain guests or relax in the outdoors. Unfortunately, over time, they can become cracked and uneven making them hard to enjoy during the summer.
Concrete stairs are extremely heavy and tend to crack and sink, making it more difficult to get into your home. Our team can help restore & strengthen your stairs so you can feel safe going up and down them.
Pool Decks
Pool decks tend to take a beating from the sun, chlorine, and constant foot traffic. If your pool deck is starting to show signs of wear, Polyjacking can level and repair it so you'll never worry again.

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