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Choose to protect your home with a waterproofing company that offers a full range of services! From surface and subsurface drainage to downspout systems and sump pumps, you can trust our experts for your property's exterior drainage problems!

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Our Experts at Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting understand that to maintain a strong home structural integrity, prevent mold growth and decay, help conserve energy, and prompt a healthy living environment, one must have a proper drainage system. Check out some of the various drainage systems that we install to shield commercial & residential properties from water damage!

Exterior Drainage Systems

Surface Drainage
Surface drains are generally used to remove large quantities of surface water off of your property or surrounding land. These systems are usually placed in flat areas that require additional help with drainage.
Subsurface Drainage
Subsurface drainage is a drainage system that is placed beneath the surface. The primary goal of this drainage system is to remove the root level layer of water to make the soil more adequate for harvesting and gardening.
Slope Drainage
A sloped drain allows water drainage to go from a higher to a lower plane. These systems are used to redirect runoff water and prevent up-slope runoff, helping to keep your land protected for years to come.
Gutter Systems
Gutter systems are your first line of defense for fighting off over-saturation during storms. These systems are used to catch incoming water and redirect them to other drainage systems such as street and sidewalk drains.0

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