Reliable Emergency Storm Repair Services in New and Pennsylvania

Protect your home or business with Midstate Basement Authorities, your trusted partner for emergency storm repair services in New York and Pennsylvania! 

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions like emergency storm damage inspections and maintenance, proactive fortification to ensure a storm resilient property, and even on the spot emergency storm damage repair. 

Insure your property with our PA and NY storm repair experts, we're on standby, ready to be your bulwark against impending storm damage.

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Matthew Ribera
June 29, 2020

My basement was flooding during rainfall and something needed to be done. I was a little apprehensive about spending the money to add a french drain and a sump pump but I am ultimately glad I did. Mark and Connor did a great job and stayed professional throughout the project. They worked hard and finished strong. The sump pump and french drain seem to have completely remediated my issues.

Bob Leach
June 5, 2018

I have lived in an old Greek Revival in Jacksonville for the past 33 years. For all those years my basement has been a pathway for ground water heading to Cayuga Lake. It varied from very damp to extremely wet, depending on the season. As you can imagine mold and mildew have been a way of life. I invited Eric to come and see what he could do to help my situation. He made it seem pretty simple, just install a perimeter drain that emptied into a new sump pit and pump it outside. We then went the extra step and had him encapsulate the floor and walls with a moisture barrier. The crew doing the work was very polite and professional and finished in just a few days. I now am using my basement for things that I was unable to before, like basic storage. And my whole house is less damp and that lingering mold smell is gone. It has been a dramatic and long over due upgrade to my house, and I couldn`t be happier. If you have moisture problems in your basement I highly recommend Eric and Midstate Basements.

I called Midstate when I had water issues in my basement and was genuinely surprised when the told me they could fix the issue without digging out my foundation and for much less money that what I was expecting. Eric was very patient with my questions and my anxiety about lifting up the fuel tank that is housed there. They scheduled and then completed the work quickly, with minimal impact on me. The customer care follow-up has exceeded expectations too.

Joanne Denison
June 14, 2018

Midstate Basement Authorities has done work for me that turned out so well that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company to everyone. I had some major water issues in my cellar that Eric's crew did a wonderful job taking care of for me. The people who work for this company are professional, hard working, competent and nice. About a month ago Eric did some other water related work for me that turned out well.

Christian Isaac
March 15, 2022

Our experience was excellent from start to finish. They first were the only company we reached out to who responded via email and phone within a couple hours. They continued to be responsive throughout the whole process. We had a consultation with Bill who was extremely knowledgeable and offered us multiple solutions to the issues we were facing with our basement. He listened to our goal and came up with a plan that fit our needs exactly, providing a quote within a couple minutes. The work done was incredible; Steve and Tyler did a fantastic job! I believe our basement was likely their worst nightmare as we had constant running water they had to contend with. They ran into many unforeseen issues with our basement due to its age and water, but they found a solution to each one of them. They never strayed from the agreed budget or time commitment, even though I'm sure the water and extra issues could have increased that cost easily. Their whole team was knowledgeable, polite, and great at what they do! No more flowing water in the basement and now we have the peace of mind that it won't flood with the setup they put in place. Highly recommend them!

Eric and crew were great to work with on a big job they just finished for us replacing the entire foundation of an old house in Ithaca. The original foundation was in danger of collapse. Working with Taitem Engineering the crew at Midstate assessed the scope of the job and designed a fixed bid job to shore up the house, replace several joists and remove the old foundation walls. Along the way the entire HVAC system had to be removed and put back and plumbing and electrical had to be changed across the basement. The house looked like it was being raised up mid job with the old foundation removed and the house safely shored up. After removing part of the old foundation walls the crew found further structural issues with the house framing. They consulted with the engineer and came up with a plan to fix the problem. It was a change in scope and design, but Eric didn't change the price of the job. They changed the footer and wall design and worked with me to get the approval to change the job. The additional shoring that was needed on the job because of the change didn't cost us anything extra and now the house is level, secure and stronger than it was before by a longshot. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical are all back in place and passed inspection. Erik even personally made sure the hot water was on and working throughout the house. The crew worked hard on the job on time and professionally each step of the way. Eric also managed multiple subcontractors on the job and dealt with the permitting process and the City of Ithaca directly. Last day on the job they were cleaning up small specks of material that I would have missed or not really cared about. They also communicated well with the church next door to use their parking lot for access. After the job they returned the church parking lot to better than it was before by grading out some gravel others had snowplowed into a corner before Midstate's job even started. I've already recommended Midstate to friends and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.

Jared Pittman
July 9, 2021

If you ask for recommendations for dealing with water issues in your house, someone's going to recommend Midstate Basement. And for good reason--they respond quickly, are fair and honest in their recommendations and pricing, and do good work.

Eliza VanCort
August 15, 2017

The folks at Midstate Basement Authorities are wonderful. As a small businesswoman I'm always surprised that some businesses just don't put the customer first. Not so with Midstate Basement Authorities. They were utterly professional, unfailingly courteous, very hard working and, perhaps the best part, they're effective and fast! Within three days my basement was done... and so was the flooding! Hands down these folks are the best around. Highly recommended.

Seneca Supply
December 5, 2017


Nadia D. Kiechle
May 28, 2021

Steve from Midstate was terrific. He was very responsive, thoughtful, and hard working. He arrived on time, answered all our questions, and we couldn't be more satisfied with his work (basement waterproofing). Thank you, Steve!

Deb Lamb
June 13, 2018

We had our basement waterproofed in May. Everyone we worked with at Midstate from the owner to the office staff and the guys that did the work were polite and very efficient. Any questions we had were answered in a timely manner. They showed up when they said they would and did a excellent job in just 3 days. The cost was very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing this kind of work.

Don Edwards
October 31, 2017

Misstate did a GREAT JOB of water proofing the basement where I had water penetration. Workmanship and clean up was EXCELLENT, but the best part was------ SHORTLY AFTER THE JOB WAS COMPLETED THE SKIES OVER ITHACA OPENED UP AND DROPPED SEVERAL INCHES OF RAIN ON US. NOT A DROP OF WATER CAME IN !! I highly recommend them !! Signed, Don Edwards

Aiden Mead
September 5, 2018

I realized that my sill beam had rotted away under part of my house, so I gave them a call to come take a look. They were originally booked out, but ended up having an opening two and a half weeks sooner, and squeezed me in. On top of that, they were able to come out a couple of hours earlier than expected (of course asking if that was okay first, which is certainly was). Don came out and took a look, and it turned out that they wouldn't be able to address my specific situation, but he was more than happy to give me some information about what was going on )which happened to line up with what I expected) and who to contact to get it fixed. He was also willing to spend a couple of minutes talking about what getting the job would look like, confirming my suspicion of more than likely needing to accommodate access to the issue for the inside. He thought he was giving me bad news, but this actually just confirmed what I had already been expecting, and helps my wife and I plan better for it when we do end up getting it repaired. Over all, I would definitely work with them in the future if I have a problem that they specialize in. They were incredibly accommodating, friendly, professional, and super informative. I will definitely be recommending them, and calling them myself in the future for basement waterproofing (once my original issue is fixed)! If not for the age of my house, we would be working with them for the original repair.

Marjory Rinaldo-Lee
February 25, 2022

Midstate did a great job addressing water issues in our basement.

Tony Ventura
July 1, 2021

Second time I’ve used this company. I would never call anyone else. They go above and beyond to please the customer. Jim came and gave me some different options to solve my water issue and then did an awesome job to remedy my problem at a very reasonable price. Extremely happy!

Jasmine Daniel Gardner
August 25, 2020

This team was awesome! They made our basement crawl space air tight, installed a dehumidifier and fixed our sub-pump. They went above and beyond, fixing a water leak and even killing mice! I can't say enough good things.

Jon Morris
February 25, 2021

We had water coming into our basement from three different locations. We got three different estimates, and Midstate was the fairest and their plan sounded as the most sensible. We had a trench dug along two walls and a sump pump installed. The job was completed exactly as stated, professionally and on schedule (it took three days total). We then requested an additional job to repair a window well that was leaking. There, too, the estimate was fair, and the final price turned out to be even lower than we expected because, when they came to do the job, they realized the repair needed was simpler than they initially thought, as the window well would not need to be replaced after all. Overall, we had a fantastic experience with everyone we dealt with: Courtney was always prompt and helpful to schedule the appointments; Shawn gave us fair estimates and clear explanations of what the projects would entail and how long they would take; Travis and Ryan, who did the first job, and Lloyd, who did the second one, were all great—professional, hard-working, courteous, clean. We couldn't have hoped for a better experience and highly recommend Midstate Basement Authorities.

Fortify Your Property With Expert Emergency Storm Repair Services

Our specialists understand the importance of having properly functioning measures against storm damage.

That's why we're dedicated to protecting properties from storm damage, before, during, and after the storm strikes. With so many ways storms can affect your property's level of stability, we offer a comprehensive array of emergency storm repair services for New York and Pennsylvania homes and businesses.

We invite you to explore our array of emergency services designed to shield the commercial and residential properties of NY and PA from the harmful effects of storm damage.

Emergency Storm Repair Services

Emergency Property Maintenance
Invest in the longevity of your property with our proactive maintenance services. 

We offer thorough inspections and preventive measures to maintain the structural integrity of your property. 

Whether it's reinforcing foundations, inspecting drainage systems, or identifying potential issues, we're here to ensure your property stands strong against the elements.
Routine & Emergency Property Inspections
Protect your investment through routine inspections.

Our experienced professionals conduct comprehensive assessments, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate.

Regular inspections prevent future storm-related damage and identify previously sustained damage, providing you with the peace of mind that your property is resilient and secure.
Emergency Storm Repair Services
We provide swift emergency storm repair services to New York and Pennsylvania, addressing immediate structural issues and safety concerns caused by storm-induced damage. 

Our expert team specializes in services such as sump pump installation, crawl space or basement waterproofing and encapsulation, drainage system services, foundation repair, and more, including concrete stabilization, lifting, polyjacking, driveway repair, sidewalk repair, pool deck repair, concrete repair, and leveling.

To gain a better understanding of how these services may help you in your emergency, we invite you to reach out for a consultation.

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