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If you've got a damp crawl space after a big rain or when snow is melting in the spring if you've noticed a crack in your foundation that is getting worse, our team is here to help. Midstate Basement Authorities has a team of experienced professionals who are able to make a proper evaluation of the potential problem you're having and then assist you to design the best options to repair the issue once and for all as well as prevent the problems from coming back. Our team services the entire Binghamton area.

It is critical that if you find an issue with your crawl space, basement, or foundation, you reach out to an experienced repair company. We recommend this as there are a number of additional problems that will arise with these issues including mildew, reduced structural integrity, and even catastrophic foundation damage. It doesn't matter if you are in need of our basement waterproofing services to prevent water damage in your home, foundation repair services to stop foundation issues, or crawl space services to control mold growth in the crawl space, or even our concrete leveling services to fix your settling sidewalk, our professionals are here to help you.


It is not good if you've seen standing water in the basement following a large rainfall. When this water stays around, it will prevent you from having the ability to store items in the basement and even prevent you from using that space as another room. Excess moisture and humidity can ultimately cause the growth of mildew and mold which could in the future be a cause of health problems. If you've seen standing water in your basement, you should get in touch with us so a member of our team can look into the issue and help create a basement waterproofing system that will stop water from coming in and prevent unnecessary problems from happening. This system will stop the growth of mold and make it so you can finally be able to turn the basement into usable storage space, a media room, or even a spare bedroom.

Foundation Repair

If there are cracks in the foundation or if you're seeing them at the corners of windows or doorways, this is one of the signs that there are problems with the foundation and you may require foundation repair. One of the other signs could be the doors or windows will be difficult to open or close or even stick when opening them. Foundation problems are commonplace in the Binghamton area as the moisture levels of the soil go up and down throughout the year. These issues are also caused by inadequate soil compaction while the home was being built. Our professionals can install a system of piers under your foundation that will shift a load of your home to the piers and prevent the foundation from sinking or settling in the future.

Crawl Spaces

If you have a crawl space, it is most likely a location that you only go into when there is an obvious problem. This is probably because they are generally poorly closed off and are regularly unkempt, dangerous, and can have critters holed up in them. Crawl spaces are known for having excess moisture problems that could cause problems with the floor joists and even enable mold to grow. Our experts know an ideal way to control problems in this area is to encapsulate them and close them off from the weather. This will control excess moisture and humidity in addition to controlling the entry of unwanted pests. If you have sloping floors above the crawl space, we will install a system of jacks to lift and stabilize the floor joists and restore the sinking floor. To further control extra moisture, we will install a specialized crawl space dehumidifier to remove the extra humidity and prevent mold growth.

Concrete Repair

Sinking or crumbling concrete walkways are both unattractive and dangerous. Whether you've got a large driveway or slab that is sinking or a small section of sidewalk, our concrete lifting services will help repair the area and restore it to being safe while keeping you from spending the cost and dealing with the hassles of breaking it up and replacing it. We have two primary services to accomplish our repairs. The first uses expanding polyurethane foam that is injected below the sunken slab that slowly and evenly returns the section to its the proper location. This process works so well, we are able to perform this service on very large slabs such as garage floors or even a sunken basement floor slab. The second process uses a unique system of epoxy and sealing to seal the crumbling or broken concrete to increase the strength and help stop it from breaking again.

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