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Over the years, as heavy rains penetrate the soil below your concrete, it will cause it to expand and contract. As this ground shifts and settles, humidity and rain can create open pockets under your concrete foundation. The concrete can sink into these holes and ultimately form cracks in slabs or gaps under your concrete slabs that will require concrete leveling services.

Why Are My Concrete Slabs Settling?

There are several reasons and conditions that can facilitate sunken concrete slabs throughout Clearwater, FL. Reasons could include drastic fluctuations in the moisture content of the soil from rainy weather or a more extended period of dry weather that could cause the soil to become drained of moisture and begin to crack.


The moisture level in the soil underneath your concrete will change over time. It can cause the concrete on top of that soil to become damaged. If the soil becomes saturated due to poor drainage, this moisture will cause the ground to become weak and result in sinking concrete requiring concrete leveling services.


If the weather is hot and no rain falls for extended periods, it will cause soil to shrink. As the ground becomes dry, cavities form below the concrete. As time progresses, these holes prevent proper support and put undue stress on the concrete slab, eventually causing it to fail.


When building a home in Clearwater, FL, the soil has to be removed and replaced as the house is built. Once completed, the ground beneath must return to its original state before being displaced from the home's construction. If the dirt is not appropriately compacted, it can rapidly speed up spaces forming under any concrete poured above. These holes will put unnecessary weight on the concrete and cause settling over time.

Where Our Concrete Lifting Can Help

Any time there is soil below your concrete, there could be a danger that you may need concrete repair from trained professionals like Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting. Unfortunately, these soil conditions are the most problematic situations where we've seen businesses and homeowners needing our services. Thankfully our solutions for sunken concrete are fast, effective, & long-lasting.

Polyjacking: Our Concrete leveling Clearwater, FL Solution

The best alternative to removing and having a complete replacement of your cracked or sinking concrete is polyjacking.

This novel technique employs expanding polyurethane foam to raise and restore these damaged slabs to their intended location. Concrete leveling companies formerly utilized a similar approach known as mudjacking. The main advantage of polyjacking over mudjacking is that the polyurethane foam will expand to fill the gap and harden to lift concrete slabs back to their original position permanently.

Clean Up Tripping Hazards Around Your Pool Deck

If a concrete slab is not kept level with the rest of the slab, it becomes a potential tripping hazard. This increases your friend's and family's risk of injury or accident. When searching for affordable solutions to remove these trip hazards, you need a long-lasting concrete lifting technique. Our polyjacking solutions offer concrete lifting with a fast return that makes it suitable for any business or home with uneven concrete issues.

Contact us today for a free estimate if you need permanent concrete slab leveling and raising.

Why My Clearwater, FL Home Needs Foundation Repair Services

Besides the professional concrete lifting services, Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting is also a foundation repair company. We have a team of professionals who will offer the best solution to repair your home's structural integrity. Most foundation repair companies try to get the job done quickly, and they hire inexperienced workers to get the work done. This foundation repair solution can cause even more issues in the future. Our clearwater foundation repair techniques help future proof your repairs so you can breathe easy knowing the foundation issue won't come back. If you want a company that will do the best foundation repair services in Clearwater, Florida, call Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting today.

We Handle Any Commercial or Residential Job

Whether your home or business has foundation problems, our team will provide the necessary services to fix your structural damage and get your commercial buildings, or home's foundation repaired quickly and efficiently. We are a veteran-owned business that has built our reputation on providing the best foundation repair services around at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are ready to take on your home project throughout Clearwater, FL.

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If you need uneven concrete lifted or foundation walls repaired in Clearwater, FL, don't hesitate to call a concrete leveling company like Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting today at (833) 543-8352. Our office staff is knowledgeable and friendly, so we will answer any concrete repair questions you have.

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