Basement Repair

We Offer Basement Waterproofing & Repair For Your Home

In addition to repairing problems with your foundation walls, Midstate Basement Authorities provides full basement waterproofing for homes in New York, Florida, & Northern PA. We can ensure that you never have to worry about finding ways to keep your basement dry and safe. We perform our basement repair with quality products and a professional crew. We are licensed and fully insured to help homeowners fix their foundation problems.

Solving Your Basement Repair Problems Quickly & Effectively

Our highly trained staff can provide you with the proven solutions you need to ensure that your basement becomes the foundation that it should be for your home. All of the repairs that we perform will protect your home from basement leaks that result in wet basement problems. Even if you have foundation repair needs that aren't related to a waterproofing system, our crew can fix bowed or cracked walls, foundation cracks, or any other issues causing your home to suffer from basement problems.

Commercial Concrete Leveling

Midstate Basement Authorities | Commercial Concrete Lifting 

A commercial property with an uneven, sunken, or sagging concrete surface can be a significant problem for the property owner. Not only does it look unattractive, but it also decreases property value and can turn away foot traffic. At first, an irregular concrete floor may seem fine with starting a substantial leveling project with local concrete leveling contractors.

Yet the dangers that even one uneven concrete slab presents to a company, its clientele, and your property may be far greater than you think. That's why Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting offers commercial concrete leveling services to commercial entities in FL, NY, and PA. Our contractors use specialized hydraulic equipment and years of experience to raise businesses' sunken concrete to its original position.

Concrete lifting and leveling are as crucial as laying down quality foundation work as they can make or break a project's success and long-term durability. The overall goal of commercial concrete leveling is to carry out measures that prolong the life span of your building and concrete slabs. In addition, we want to ensure that your newly laid concrete stays intact after its expected lifespan.

So contact the team at Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting today if you're interested in protecting and preserving the concrete slabs in your Florida, Pennsylvania, or New York commercial property.

How to Tell You Need Commercial Concrete Leveling

It's easy to diagnose whether your company property needs to lift and level concrete. The most obvious sign of needing concrete leveling is when your collapsed pavement appears to be sinking in excess.

If you look closely, you'll see that the recessed areas are much lower than the surrounding pavement. There will probably also be cracking or breaking along the edges and corners of the affected area(s).

When looking for symptoms of sunken or uneven concrete, ask yourself:

If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, you likely need some form of concrete leveling.

So contact a professional today to receive a 100% free estimate on your next project!

What Types of Surfaces Do We Level?

We specialize in lifting and leveling various commercial concrete surfaces at Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting. From garage floor slabs to driveways and sidewalks, we can help bring any sunken concrete back to its original position. As local concrete lifting experts, we have the skills and experience necessary to tackle any slab, no matter the size or depth of settlement.

Some of the most common surfaces we deal with include:

And any other concrete surface that's threatening the security, stability, and appearance of your commercial property.

So if you're interested in preserving your commercial property's concrete surfaces, keep reading to learn more about our commercial lifting and leveling services.

Our Commercial Concrete Slab Lifting Process

Fixing a concrete slab starts by removing gravel beneath your settled concrete, removing as much of the excess dirt and debris as possible. After that, we drill a hole into the top of the slab where it needs to be raised, followed by installing hydraulic jacks, which are adjustable.

Our concrete leveling process begins by adding polyurethane foam or mud to the holes. Next, we pump the jacks with hydraulic fluid, which lifts your foundation slab. Once the mud or foam jacking finishes, we complete the process with pressure testing after injecting more urethane foam under your slab until it reaches the desired height.

Continue reading to learn more about the individual processes of mud-jacking and polyurethane foam leveling.

The Poly-jacking Concrete Leveling Method

Often, projects will require high-density polyurethane concrete raising. With poly-jacking, we inject a lightweight, cementitious grout into the area where your pavement has settled to bring it back to grade. Once injected, the foam expands to fill the void and stabilize the concrete slab. One of the main advantages of poly-jacking In most cases, our contractors complete commercial concrete leveling projects within 24 hours.

To help clients better visualize a timeline, here's how it works:

1. First, we remove the gravel from beneath your uneven pavement and clean the surface of any excess dirt or debris.

2. Using a drill, we create a hole at the raising point on your concrete slab, then install adjustable hydraulic jacks by pumping fluid into them.

3. Once placed, we inject the lightweight, cementitious grout into your settling concrete through these holes.

4. Once injected, the foam will expand to fill the void and stabilize your settling slab. We then pressure-test it until we have reached the desired height.

5. Finally, we fill any remaining holes with a polyurethane-based foam and then sweep the entire surface for a clean finish.

In conclusion, by using Poly-jacking to level your concrete, you can expect high-quality results without the long wait time typically associated with traditional methods like mud-jacking.

The Mud-jacking Concrete Leveling Method

For those who prefer a tried-and-true method, we offer commercial concrete leveling services using mud jacking. During this process, we drill holes around your pavement and inject a mixture of cement and sand under the slab, which helps raise it back up to its original position. The process is complete when all the holes are filled, and the slab has reached its desired height.

Again, to visualize this process, we've outlined the process timeline below:

1. First, we remove the excess gravel from under your uneven pavement and clean the surface of any dirt or debris to ensure a smooth leveling process.

2. We then drill holes around your concrete slab using a specialized mud-jacking machine before injecting cement and sand.

3. Once all the holes are filled, we pressure-test your concrete until it has reached its desired height. We then ensure that we maintain its water tightness throughout the project.

Once complete, our team may fill the remaining holes with a polyurethane-based foam and then sweep the surface to ensure a clean finish. Since polyurethane foam is a bit pricier than mud-jacking, this step depends on the initial mutually agreed-upon plan of the client proprietor and contractor.

Although mud-jacking takes longer to complete than our poly-jacking services, it is still a very affordable and effective method. So if you're interested in tackling your project using this method, continue reading to learn about some of the steps involved:

The Cost Per Square Foot For Leveling Sunken Concrete

Concrete leveling costs vary greatly depending on factors such as leveling method, the scope of work, or whether there should be a replacement slab rather than a leveling job. For example, the total commercial concrete patio leveling cost will be much cheaper than that of a slab with extensive damage.

Here are some rough concrete leveling cost guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of budgeting:

At the end of the day, whether you choose mud-jacking or poly-jacking, commercial concrete leveling is an affordable and effective way to restore your concrete to its original state. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote if you're interested in learning more about our concrete leveling services. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to answer any questions and discuss our available options with you.

What is the Best Commercial Concrete Lifting Solution

Most agree that the best commercial concrete leveling solution is polyurethane foam injection. Foam injection offers more advantages than any other method of raising sunken foundation slabs. Not only does it make for a quick fix, but it preserves the strength and integrity of your building, ensuring that it won't settle again in the future.

We stress that it's best to have a consultation for your project so you don't end up under or overpaying for unnecessary services.

Providing The Best Advice for New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania

We offer our services throughout New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. If you suspect your commercial building's foundation is sinking or collapsing, contact us in the following section for a free estimate on our commercial concrete slab jacking services. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to help you determine the best solution for your problem.

Contact Our Commercial Concrete Lifting Specialists Today

Are you a business owner, landlord, or homeowner with concrete leveling problems? Our concrete leveling specialists can help you determine the best course of action. To learn more about our services, contact our specialists today to get a free estimate for your foundation repair. Call us today or fill out the online contact form provided on this site.

We thank you for considering Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting for your commercial concrete leveling project!

Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing in NY, PA, & FL

Midstate Basement Authorities is a waterproofing company that has been in the waterproofing business for years. We are committed to providing our customers with professional and reliable service at competitive rates. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and respectful of your commercial property and its occupants while they perform their work.

We offer commercial waterproofing services, including interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, humidity control, and drainage systems, all at affordable and competitive rates, so you don't have to drain your savings trying to protect your property. We also provide free project cost and scope evaluations to help better your understanding of the work that needs to be done and the costs associated with it.

Whether you're a restaurant owner looking for waterproofing solutions to keep your kitchen clean, or a business owner searching for ways to protect your offices from water damage and flooding, Midstate Basement Authorities is here to help. We invite you to call us to start saving your business's future, starting at its foundation.

Call or click below to learn more about our commercial waterproofing services and see why many business owners and managers in NY, PA, and FL choose Midstate Basement Authorities!

Wet Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing Built To Last

Most properties have some form of sublevel, and these sublevels can be prone to water damage and mold growth if they aren't properly waterproofed. For example, if your property has wet basement walls, a wet basement floor, or a lack of drainage systems, it may be time to take action to prevent the degradation of your property.

We specialize in waterproofing wet basements and crawl spaces, increasing properties' life spans in humid subtropical climates such as New York or Florida. Our contractors offer a wide range of commercial waterproofing solutions to keep your sublevels dry and healthy. We even install humidity control systems and provide repair services that help to clear the air on levels above basements or crawl spaces.

There are innumerable benefits to reap from being prepared or free from the adverse effects of water damage and mold growth. However, before seeking any help, you must identify whether or not your property needs waterproofing. So in the following section, we'll look at indicators that signal the need for commercial waterproofing.

Knowing When You Need Commercial Waterproofing

The first step in tackling a challenging project like commercial waterproofing is knowing when and where you need it. The most common sign that your building has moisture problems is visible water damage. Symptoms can either be obvious or not apparent, yet the visibility of water damage may only sometimes indicate the actual severity or risk of the problem. For example, hydrostatic pressure is an invisible force that can cause damage to the walls and floors of sublevels over time.

Knowing when to take action and what services are necessary is essential to proper waterproofing maintenance. Moreover, it can save you significant time and money in the long run. That's why we've put together a list of some telltale signs that signal the need for commercial waterproofing.

Below are a few of the most common signs that indicate the need for commercial waterproofing services:

All of these signs can mean a problem with water intrusion and damage. If your property has experienced any of the above, we recommend calling professional contractors like Midstate Basement Authorities to assess your situation and provide solutions that fit your needs.

At Midstate Basement Authorities, we give comprehensive site assessments and evaluations, during which we check for cracks and leaks around the building and floors for signs of water intrusion. In addition to our site assessments, we offer a wide range of commercial waterproofing services to fit the needs of any business property.

Please continue reading to learn about the varying methods by which you can keep your commercial property safe from water damage.

Methods For Protecting Your Business From Water Damage

Waterproofing basement walls and floors are a common and cost-effective solution to prevent expensive repairs. It also protects against damage caused by water leakage and water intrusion issues. However, waterproofing isn't the only way to protect your property from water damage.

For example, cleaning out clogged gutters or fixing leaks in pipes can go a long way in protecting your property from water damage. So to keep our clients as well informed on the varying ways their property can stay dry, we've outlined some of the most common waterproofing strategies implemented by commercial entities.

Through methods like the following, you can help decrease the amount of damage your property receives from groundwater and surface water accumulation: 

If you have issues with dampness, water stains on walls, or mold growth – it may be time to talk to our team about our waterproofing solutions. At Midstate Basement Authorities, we waterproof your company's building by using waterproofing systems that direct water away, seal the area, and prevent moisture build-up in the future.

With us, you'll know you'll receive nothing more than the solutions your property needs, no tacked-on unwarranted services or fees. And through our comprehensive cost assessments and site evaluations, you'll know what needs to be done and how much it will cost before making any final decisions.

Please continue reading to learn about our waterproofing process for commercial sub-levels. 

Our Commercial Waterproofing Process

At Midstate Basement Authorities, we provide a proven effective waterproofing process. Our waterproofing applications include:

  1. Site inspection and assessment.
  2. Preparation and cleanup of the building project before implementing the waterproofing method.
  3. Application and examination of the waterproofing solution.
  4. Cleaning and fixing any damage caused by the waterproofing process, if any.
  5. Follow-up inspection.
  6. Proper installation and sealing of a membrane and any joints or seams to prevent water infiltration.
  7. Evaluate if the barrier and waterproofing implementation are working as they should.

Using a comprehensive and proven waterproofing process, we can ensure that your company's commercial sublevels will be protected from water damage for decades to come.

Using Hydraulic Cement To Seal Basement Walls

If a property has wet basement walls due to failures in the exterior wall's waterproof coating, then installing a waterproofing membrane over the existing walls can be an effective solution. However, in some situations, using a membrane may not be feasible, for example, in older properties where installation of a membrane would be impossible or too expensive.

In these cases, hydraulic cement can be a great alternative to a membrane. Hydraulic cement is a type of concrete applied to wet basement walls and used as a sealant, preventing water from passing through. This solution works well with masonry walls, concrete, brick, and stucco surfaces.

It is a simple, low-cost solution that can help prevent water damage and costly repairs.

Proper Installation of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are necessary for any waterproofing process, whether a new construction job site or an existing building. Sump pumps remove water from buildings and structures, preventing flooding within your establishment. However, water will get back into the building if a faulty sump pump installation.

Therefore, the first step in adequately waterproofing your commercial building is to run an outlet pipe that will channel the water away from the foundation. Once we pump the water from the pit, it should be checked weekly during heavy rainstorms to ensure it works correctly.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Service

Proper installation is only part of getting a new sump pump. Any sump pump system, even the most effective one, requires maintenance and regular checks to ensure that all components are in working order. This includes maintaining your battery backup system by providing you to replace old batteries with new ones every six months. 

In short, routine maintenance and having a backup battery are effective methods for keeping your building's sump pumps working year-round.

Our Commercial Waterproofing Service List

Midstate Basement Authorities offers a wide range of waterproofing services and applications. We are the best choice when you need high-quality products and competitive prices with full service for any size budget. Whether residential or commercial property, you'll receive 100% customer satisfaction with all of your projects.

Some of our waterproofing services include:

Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

For years, Midstate Basement Authorities has been the most trusted name in the industry. We are dedicated to protecting your property with innovative products and solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. However, these effective solutions are offered to more than just commercial proprietors but also residential property owners.

Whether you're a business owner looking to protect your property from water damage, or a homeowner looking to waterproof your home, Midstate Basement Authorities has the experience and expertise to deliver on every project. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that all projects are completed quickly, efficiently, and with top-quality results.

Providing The Best Advice for New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania

No matter the size or location of your project, you can trust our waterproofing experts will handle your project accordingly. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we're among the best choices for residential or commercial-grade waterproofing in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Different locations require different methods, and our experts are fully prepared to handle any size project. From installing a commercial-grade crawl space drainage system to repairing cracks in your home's basement, you can count on us to deliver professional results that will last for years.

We Offer Unmatched Commercial Waterproofing Knowledge

As a leading commercial waterproofing and foundation repair provider, we have unmatched knowledge and insight into the industry. We will always offer the best guidance with moisture solutions for your business using only high-quality, reliable equipment. You can also contact us afterward with any issues; we will be more than happy to fix any waterproofing projects that can work better.

Our commitment to upholding our reputation for quality has earned us numerous awards and honors throughout the years. So if you're looking for quality commercial waterproofing services that will stand the test of time, look no further than Midstate Basement Authorities.

A Waterproofing Company With A Stress-Free Process

The clock is ticking when water damage takes its toll on your property. Every day that water or moisture damage is allowed to wreak havoc is another day that remediation costs and lost business increase.

At Midstate Basement Authorities, we understand the importance of timely and stress-free waterproofing services. With our specialized commercial waterproofing process, we can deliver the results you need quickly and efficiently without causing any stress or headaches.

Our experts are fully trained and equipped to handle even the most complex waterproofing projects using state-of-the-art technology and modern methodology. So don't stress out waiting to get the process underway; contact Midstate Basement Authorities for your commercial waterproofing needs today!

Contact Us

When Midstate Basement Authorities does commercial waterproofing, you can expect fast, efficient results and comprehensive cleanup, leaving you with peace of mind and professional protection. We also offer various commercial and below-industry-grade basement waterproofing services. Our contractors pride themselves on our track record and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to work with our team of skilled waterproofing contractors.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Benefits of Our Commerical Foundation Repair

At Midstate Basement Authorities, we provide business owners and property management companies with the best options for commercial foundation repair. We have a dedicated, specialized team of trained professionals to deliver exceptional results on every commercial structure project, no matter how large or small.

When it comes to using us for your foundation issues and commercial structure damage, you can expect:

Contact us today to experience professional advice, friendly staff, and on-time completion for each of your commercial property's needs.

Knowing When You Need Commerical Foundation Repair

Understanding when to get help for your commercial foundation repairs is essential to protecting your tenants and development. You should check your commercial building regularly for any signs that you may have a structural problem or foundation failure. Common signs of foundation damage include:

Drainage issues can also result in structural damage to your foundation that requires attention. That is why finding a quality commercial foundation specialist is essential when you have a foundation problem. The price of foundation repair solutions will depend on the degree of damage and the size of the cracks in your foundation. After reviewing the damages, we can provide you with a detailed quote for your commercial property repair. We will only quote you for necessary repairs that need to be done.

At Midstate Basement Authorities, our goal is to provide all commercial clients with the best options for any foundation restoration service. Call our commercial foundation repair experts today for trusted service at affordable prices if you have any of these settlement issues.

Commercial Foundation Services

When you come to us with your foundation issues and commercial structure damage, you can expect fast service, competitive prices, and long-lasting results that will stand the test of time. When you need commercial foundation services, it is always best to find an expert that can accurately diagnose your foundation problems and offer a better solution than any other commercial foundation repair company. Then, when quality foundation repair is done, not only will your building stand up straight, but you will save money on future repairs.

Dedicated to the Right Solutions

Midstate Basement Authorities is dedicated to providing commercial buildings with the best foundation services. Our team of trained professionals is available right away, and we can even offer quick response times in some cases.

Providing The Best Advice for New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania

Commercial buildings and property management companies now have the best options for commercial foundation repair. Our team of trained professionals delivers exceptional results on every commercial structure project. When you need trusted service at affordable prices, contact the experts at Midstate.

Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions

Midstate Basement offers several commercial foundation repair services to ensure that all of your commercial building's foundation issues are solved. We can get your foundation problems fixed in no time, from installing and replacing steel helical piers to completing basement excavations.

Unmatched Commercial Foundation Repair Knowledge

Our team of commercial foundation repair specialists has worked on various projects, so rest assured that we can get the job done. In addition, Midstate Basement Authorities has options to meet all of your commercial foundation problems and foundation repair needs.

Industrial Grade Helical Piles & Helical Piers

Foundation settlement issues can be challenging to fix. So let us bring you the best options for commercial foundation repair services. We have the expertise and training to excavate your building, install helical or underground piers, stabilize your soil or concrete, and restore your foundation to its original state. Our team of trained professionals has the knowledge and experience with helical piles and piers for any size commercial building.

High-Quality Development Remedial Repair

Many commercial clients own apartment complexes or building developments that need foundation repair. We have solutions to get these properties back on track for success. In addition, our complete line of foundation solutions will help you avoid future settlement issues for your commercial building.

Our Stress-Free Process

When you choose Midstate Basement for your commercial building's foundation issues, you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from our professional and insured contractors! We appreciate your choice. With Midstate Basement Authorities, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges for your foundation repair projects. We will provide total transparency every step of the way, so you always know what to expect on your budget. Our mission is to complete each project on time, and within budget so you can get your business or commercial building back up and running. We always get the job done in the most non-invasive way possible. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate to repair your structural damage!

Contact Us Today!

Midstate Basement Authorities provides industrial and commercial grade foundation repair solutions for all NY, PA, & FL businesses. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and safety standards when it comes to repairing basements and foundations, so whether you need a minor crack or major slab replacement, our experts are ready to help!

Contact us today to begin the process of getting your business back in order!

Concrete Repair

How to Tell You Have Concrete Damage

Uneven concrete and cracks in sections of your concrete are tell-tale signs of damage. Every home has some form of concrete near its exterior, whether driveways, garage floors, or sidewalks. Even if your home does not have an outdoor patio or concrete driveway, the chances are good that there is concrete in your foundation. If any of these places require concrete repair, it is vital to call a professional to assess the severity of the issue. Most of the time, leveling and lifting your concrete to repair it is a more affordable option than replacement.

Quickly Repair Your Concrete Surfaces

When you notice a sign that you need concrete repair, it's vital to get the ground underneath the slab reinforced and stabilized as quickly as possible. Our concrete repair experts will help you determine what you should use concrete leveling techniques to get your home or business back up and running just like new again.

Why Repair Your Concrete Instead of Replacement

While replacement may seem to be the better option at first, it is essential to consider that replacing concrete is time-consuming and more costly. Removing existing concrete can take several days or weeks, depending on the amount of concrete needing to be replaced. Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting offers affordable concrete repair for New York, Florida & Northern PA. Repairing your damaged concrete rather than replacing it will help save you money in the long run if it means avoiding another lengthy construction project.

The Importance of Concrete Repair

We all know that concrete is a crucial component of our homes, but many people don't realize how important concrete repair solutions could become. Cracks and other damages to your concrete surfaces might not seem like much at first glance; however, these minor imperfections will only get bigger over time if left untreated. Our professional team here believes some essential home renovations you can do are structural repairs that will keep your home in good condition for years to come. In addition, repairing these issues with your home's concrete can save you money that you would have spent on replacement or extensive repairs if you went with a different concrete repair company.

Fixing Surface Concrete is Important for Structural Repairs

A crack in your concrete might seem like a minor issue, but it can be highly detrimental to the structural integrity of your home or business. If neglected, the crack in your concrete will continue to grow and become more severe over time due to weather conditions and external factors like fluctuation in temperature and the soil settling underneath. The only way to discover any foundation issues is to contact a concrete repair company and have them inspect your concrete surfaces for any problems that have developed over the years.

Concrete Repairs by Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting is a contractor that specializes in concrete repair and leveling services. Many customers are homeowners who want to maintain the life of concrete suffering from damage over time due to wear and tear. Since concrete is durable and long-lasting, it is vital to maintain and repair it. Contact us today if you consider concrete repair options instead of an entire replacement.

We Use Quality Concrete Repair Products

Our team of professionals uses high-quality polyjacking products to repair your concrete. The lifting foam we use is injected into holes drilled in the foundation of your concrete slabs or floors that will lift heavy concrete surfaces. The process is a permanent solution for damaged and sunken concrete caused by settlement, water issues, or other external factors. By adding the polyjacking foam under your concrete, it will be lifted and leveled with the rest of the slab or floor. Our concrete repair solutions are made easy with the proper equipment and materials.

An Affordable Solution to Cracked Concrete

When we decided to provide concrete repair services, we realized what a need was for this service. We understand how important it is to maintain your concrete surface that's subjected to shifting soil over time due to poor settling and weather. It's easy to ignore uneven walkways and surface cracks, but the longer you let them go, the more expensive they could become to repair. Using our repair services will have level concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost other concrete repair companies can offer.

Contact Our Concrete Repair Experts Today

Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners, and business owners save money with affordable crack repair services that will quickly lift and level uneven or cracked surfaces. In addition, we can help fix sunken or damaged concrete that you've been ignoring for a while. Whether it's structural repairs or just superficial horizontal or vertical cracks on your cement garage floors, our method of concrete repairs offers an affordable and efficient alternative to concrete replacement. If you need concrete leveling or lifting services, contact us today by filling out the contact form on this page or calling one of our offices to learn more about how we can provide concrete repair solutions for any budget.

Pool Deck Repair

Typical Problems that Concrete Pool Deck Repair Solves

Concrete pool decks are perfect for an in-ground swimming pool. When these pool decks are first poured, they allow for quick access for you and your guests to move about the pool's perimeter. Generally, the soil around the pool and under the deck is compacted back to the original level if the concrete surface is installed correctly. Unfortunately, more often than not, we find the soil is not compacted sufficiently. These soil conditions will cause your pool deck to begin to sink without warning. The backfill will settle faster than the untouched surrounding soil, which causes the ground supporting your pool deck to settle faster than the surrounding soil. We have found that even new concrete can settle enough to create voids below the pool deck, leading to cracks in the slab.

Our polyjacking methods are state of the art and can help repair any sinking or settling pool deck problems you may have.


If you notice any signs of sinking or concrete cracks in your pool deck, we can use our concrete raising system to restore the deck to the proper height and slope. Please contact us today if you've got any questions or want to start with suitable repair methods for your pool deck.

Types of Pool Decks We Repair

We can offer crack repair and concrete lifting services for any concrete pool deck. We handle commercial properties or residential homes with:

Our team of concrete repair specialists can efficiently bring your concrete decks back up to be level with the surrounding concrete. As a result, the pool deck will be safe for guests to walk around with bare feet without fear of tripping or falling.

Where We Provide Pool Deck Repair

We are proud to offer pool deck repair services in three different states. Over the years we have expanded our reach to help more communities learn about the importance of pool deck repair. Our concrete leveling and repair services are available in:

Central New York

A concrete pool deck in New York can be great in the summer, but our cold weather is almost guaranteed to cause damage every year. When water seeps into larger cracks and freezes, it will separate the concrete slab. Crack repair services are essential for pool deck repairs, but it is also crucial for the surrounding soil to hold up under pressure. When water freezes in the cracks, it expands and causes heaving, which can pull back your concrete pool deck.

Northern Pennsylvania

Thankfully, the weather in Pennsylvania is a lot milder than in Central New York; however, there are still plenty of reasons pool decks will become uneven. If the soil takes on too much water, it will begin to settle in a way that only our polyurethane foam will be able to fix it. Your pool deck will shift and settle when there are water drainage issues, soil erosion, or any number of other soil-related problems.


It's almost a requirement to have a swimming pool at your house when you live in Florida, but the high humidity can cause significant problems for your pool deck. The high moisture content in the air will cause pool decks to become uneven from the soil improperly settling. If you are a pool owner in Florida, you can relate to the stresses of needing your concrete deck re-leveled and repaired.

Concrete Repairs vs. Concrete Resurfacing

There are two different types of pool deck renovation, repairing or resurfacing. Both will fix concrete pool deck cracks; however, they vary significantly by the actual cost of the repair. Pool deck resurfacing is costly and highly exhausting work. Concrete pool decks repaired with lifting foam are permanent, while resurfacing provides a temporary solution to problems.


Resurfacing pool decks are costly repairs done by placing a new layer of concrete onto your existing pool deck. A resurface will allow you to get rid of small and large cracks visibly, but it won't help you with major issues like uneven slabs or settling concrete.


When repairing your cracked concrete with appropriate material like concrete lifting foam, you inject foam under your pool deck, which will expand and efficiently support the concrete deck. This foam fills in the gaps of concrete, which prevent water from seeping through, concrete from settling, and air packets to be sealed, thus preventing further damage to your pool deck.

Don't Settle for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck refinishing is an option that will restore the look of your pool deck. However, replacing an existing concrete deck is more costly and does not provide the benefits of our concrete leveling process. In addition, even after resurfacing pool deck repairs, the repairs never fixed the root issue. This results in those pesky concrete pool deck cracks returning shortly after the work is done.

We can ensure a long-lasting pool deck repair by adequately supporting the soil underneath your concrete pool deck with durable concrete leveling foam. We inject our concrete lifting foam underneath the concrete deck, filling any voids and fully supporting the pool deck wherever the soil can't. The resulting repair is a safe and clean solution that will hold up for many years, leaving you to get back to enjoying your swimming pool.

Contact Concrete Deck Leveling & Lifting Professionals

The Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting team has extensive experience in leveling pool decks, driveways, walkways, and so much more. We have an unbeatable track record that includes happy customers over many years of business. We offer a free quote exceptional service, and we clean up our job site every time. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

Sidewalk Repair

When walking through a neighborhood or into a business, there is a very good chance you've been on a cracked, uneven, sinking, or potentially dangerous sidewalk. Once these become an actual tripping hazard, they can very quickly become a very dangerous and potential liability.

Settling supporting soil is the primary cause of sidewalks sinking and cracking. This is the result of moisture fluctuations in the soil over time which creates voids and subsequently the concrete sidewalk will shift. Once the sidewalk begins shifting, it will then sink into those voids and become uneven or ultimately crack. With the help of our concrete raising methods, we can get your sidewalk lifted back up and to the correct location.


Our team can use our polyjacking system to raise your sinking, cracked sidewalk back to its original position. This is done by pumping the polyurethane foam into the void below the sidewalk and leveling the slab back out. If you've got a sinking sidewalk, contact us today to have our experts work with you to repair the problem.

Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete Driveway Leveling

Is your driveway sinking? Is it sloping to one side or the other? Are there long cracks across the slab? Did you trip over the small step going into the garage? Over the years, the soil under your driveway will shrink and expand with the increase and decrease of moisture. This can cause voids to form and eventually these voids will lead to cracks or sinking of the driveway. There are only a couple of ways to repair this problem. One is to tear up the driveway and pour a new one which can cost thousands of dollars and many hours of work. The cost-effective alternative is to use polyjacking to raise the driveway back into place in a matter of hours.

Lifting a Concrete Driveway

Because the driveway is such a large slab of concrete, it is important to make sure it is leveled before any large cracks appear. We achieve this leveling using our polyurethane mixture that is injected below the slab and will steadily fill all the gaps and holes below the driveway to lift it back to its original position. Once the polyjacking is completed, the driveway will be properly supported and level again. This is the ideal alternative to replacing the entire slab.

Why Replacing Your Concrete Driveway isn't Necessary

Having a damaged concrete driveway can be a nuisance. Cracks, uneven surfaces and pooling water can all cause further damage and lead to major concerns if not addressed correctly. We are sure you've been told a new driveway is in order, but that isn't always the case. If you find yourself considering replacing your old driveway, make sure to call Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting at (833) 543-8352. We specialize in repairing cracks that cause pooling water or present a tripping hazard.

A New Concrete Driveway

While replacing the entire driveway may seem like the only solution. You hire a team to tear up the old one and start over from the existing concrete. No doubt tearing up your driveway will fix your uneven driveway issues, but it also requires more time, effort, and money. We can all agree this seems like a lot of work fixing driveway cracks.

Concrete Driveway Crack Repair

On the other hand, Polyjacking can be completed relatively quickly with minimal disruption to your property. It takes only hours for the team at Midstate Concrete Leveling and Lifting to inject our polyurethane mixture below your concrete slab to lift it back into its original position. Once this process is finished, you'll have a perfectly level driveway again at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Types of Concrete Driveway Cracks We Can Fix

The Unavoidable Concrete Driveway Issues

Even if you properly maintain your existing concrete driveway, cracks will still appear over time. These issues can be caused by extreme weather and temperature shifts, long-term saturation from rain, or something as simple as a heavy vehicle parked in the same spot for an extended period of time.

What Not to Do With Driveway Cracks

Concrete cracks on the surface of your driveway can't be fixed with crack filler. This will help conceal them, but filling cracks will only delay the proper concrete driveway repair process. We know it might seem like a quick easy fix, but all it does is postpone the inevitable. The only way to properly fix your driveway issues is to hire a professional team like ours that has experience with concrete driveway repair.

Other Issues Residential Driveways Can Have

Another common issue that residential driveways face is becoming unlevel over time, due to the weight of the concrete slab sinking into the ground. Even if this doesn't cause cracking, it will still result in damage to the driveway, and can be a trip hazard for people who visit your home. If you notice your driveway becoming unlevel, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. A professional contractor can level out your driveway and make any necessary repairs, so it looks like new again.

Quickly Fix Your Uneven Concrete Driveways

Many issues come with a driveway that isn't perfectly level. For example, there may be cracks and gaps on your concrete surface that make it difficult to walk on without tripping. These cracks and uneven spots can even cause water to pool on parts of your driveway, leading to further damage. All these signs indicate your concrete driveway needs repair but replacing it is a big undertaking. To save yourself time and money, call Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting if you are located in NY, FL, or PA.

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You may have heard of the term "polyjacking," but you may not be entirely sure what it is. In short, polyjacking is a method of repairing concrete less invasively and more affordable than mudjacking and complete replacements. Polyurethane concrete lifting can also be referred to as concrete foam jacking. Whatever someone calls it, it's the best concrete repair method for your concrete slabs.

What is Polyjacking?

Polyjacking is a newer method of repairing concrete that involves injecting polyurethane foam material into cracks or voids in the sunken concrete slab. The foam expands and hardens within minutes, filling the cracks or voids and restoring the structural integrity of the concrete. Polyjacking is less invasive than other repair methods, such as mudjacking or a complete replacement, and it can be used on interior and exterior concrete surfaces. 

Advantages Over Mudjacking & Concrete Replacement

Polyjacking has several advantages over similar concrete repair methods, such as mudjacking and replacement. First, polyjacking foam is less invasive than other methods. With mudjacking, large holes must be drilled in the concrete to pump the mud beneath the surface. With a complete replacement, the entire concrete slab must be removed and replaced. Polyjacking only requires small holes to be drilled in the concrete, which means minimal disruption to your home or business. Second, polyjacking is more affordable than a concrete replacement & more reliable than mudjacking. Lastly, Mudjacking usually doesn't last as long as polyjacking, and a complete replacement can be costly. Polyjacking is the ultimate economical way to restore your sunken concrete quickly and reliably.

Benefits of Polyjacking for Residential Locations in New York & Florida

Polyjacking offers several benefits for residential locations. First, as mentioned earlier, it is less disruptive than other repair methods, such as mudjacking or replacement. Second, it can be used on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Third, it restores the structural integrity of your concrete without compromising its aesthetic appeal. And fourth, it is more affordable than other repair methods, such as mudjacking or replacement. 

Our Polyurethane concrete leveling works for:

Benefits of Polyjackings for Commercial Locations in New York & Florida

Polyjacking also offers several benefits for commercial locations. For example, when the soil beneath your commercial concrete slabs becomes saturated with water, the soil weakens and can cause your concrete slabs to sink. High-density polyurethane foam can restore the structural integrity of your commercial concrete without having to replace or remove it.

  1. It can extend the life of your existing concrete surface without incurring the high costs associated with replacement.
  2. It can level uneven sidewalks and parking lots without disrupting traffic flow or causing trip hazards for pedestrians.
  3. Since it's a polyurethane injection pumped underneath your concrete slab, it will help you avoid costly repairs. This is due to the nature of the lightweight material strength that fills cracks and voids that would cause further sinking if they were left alone. 

How Our Polyjacking Professionals Perform Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane concrete raising is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few hours. First, small holes are drilled in the concrete at strategic intervals. Next, a specialized injection gun injects polyurethane foam material into the holes drilled. The injected material expands and hardens, filling any cracks or voids in the concrete. This process also will lift concrete that has settled or sunken from the rest of the concrete. Finally, the holes are sealed with plugs or patches. 

Why Choose Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting for Your Polyjacking Concrete Repair

Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting offers polyurethane foam services that are perfect for all kinds of applications in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our polyjacking services and how we can help you!

The Best Residential & Commercial Concrete Lifting Options

Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting has covered a few ways utilizing foam injections is a superior choice for residential and commercial properties. However, there are some situations where another method may be more appropriate such as when your concrete is spalling, crumbling, or cracked in several places. In these cases, a professional should be consulted to determine the best action. But in most cases, polyjacking provides an ideal, less disruptive, and more affordable solution than other repair methods.

Our Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting team can provide the necessary assessment and advice to ensure your concrete repair job is done correctly. We specialize in all forms of concrete lifting and leveling. If you need concrete repair services, ask about Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting's Polyjacking Services!

Concrete Lifting

Concrete Leveling Solutions for NY, PA, & FL

Concrete's used as sturdy construction material, though it's also one of the most susceptible materials to damage. Cracking from temperature changes, settlement, and soil erosion can all lead to an unsightly and dangerous concrete surface. Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting offers solutions that are both effective and affordable for both commercial and residential proprietors.

Serving customers in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida, we offer free consultations to help clients determine whether our services are right for them. So if you have any questions about our process or pricing, we would be happy to answer them.


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What is Concrete Lifting and What are the Benefits?

If you have ever stepped on an uneven sidewalk or driveway, you know how bothersome and dangerous it can be. Uneven concrete surfaces can cause trips and falls, not to mention that they can damage your car if you're not careful. The good news is that there is a solution - concrete lifting.

Concrete lifting is also known as slab-jacking, mud-jacking, or poly-jacking. This process involves filling voids under sunken concrete to raise it back to its original position. It's best to fill voids as they form instead of letting slabs sink deeper, as not only does this restore the safety and aesthetics of your property, but investing in concrete lifting also has several other benefits.

For example, it can improve drainage and prevent further damage to the foundation. If you are considering concrete lifting for your home or business, be sure to consult with a professional contractor who has experience with this type of work. With the right team in your corner, you can enjoy all the benefits of lifted concrete without any of the hassles.

When to Consider a Contractor for Concrete Lifting.

Concrete is a sturdy material that can last for decades with the right care and maintenance. However, even concrete can eventually succumb to the forces of nature. Over time, soil settling and erosion can cause concrete slabs to sink and crack. When this happens, it's important to act quickly to prevent further damage.

What Causes Uneven Concrete To Form?

An uneven or sinking concrete slab can be caused by many varying factors. The most common factors include soil being washed out from underneath a concrete slab or poor compaction practice from the initial installers of a given concrete slab.

Other reasons may include the moisture content of an area consistently fluctuating. This can cause slab movement, slab sinking, forms voids, and can even crack the concrete if temperatures fluctuate enough. Whatever the reason, raising concrete once it's been displaced is a crucial form of home or business improvement.

Continue reading to learn more about the tools and equipment used in concrete lifting.

What Kind of Equipment is Used in Concrete Lifting?

Polyurethane injections are commonly used to raise concrete. A contractor will use a drill to make small holes in the concrete and then pump polyurethane foam into the hole. The polyurethane will then expand, lifting the concrete back into place. This method is often used for sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

Poly-jacking or "foam jacking" is often used to lift heavier concrete slabs, such as those found in parking lots or industrial buildings. In both cases, the contractor will need to have the right equipment to drill the holes and pump the foam. As a result, it's important to hire a professional contractor who has experience with concrete lifting.

Continue reading to learn more about how lifting sunken concrete and concrete leveling works.

How Does Concrete Lifting and Leveling Work?

Have you ever seen a sidewalk or driveway with cracks and uneven sections? It's not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Fortunately, there's a way to raise and level concrete without having to tear it out and start from scratch. Concrete lifting, also sometimes called mud-jacking or slab jacking, is a process whereby a contractor drills holes in the sunken concrete and injects a mud mixture beneath it. As the pressure builds, the concrete is lifted to the desired height, at which then the mud is left to harden.

Foam lifting is similar, as when the foam expands, it fills in any voids and starts to raise the concrete back to its original position. At the same time, the foam is also compressing any loose soil beneath the concrete, which helps to support it and prevent future sinking. In most cases, foam lifting is much more cost effective than traditional mud jacking, and it can often be completed in just a few hours.

Learn more about each method in the following sections.

Various Concrete Lifting Method Differences

With the option to either lift, replace, or repair concrete, the choice can be difficult to make on one's own with no prior industry knowledge or experience. As contractors who wish for their clients to stay as well informed as possible on the services they're receiving, we've listed some pros and cons for each lifting method for you to learn about.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising (Poly-jacking or Poly-Lifting)

Can repair concrete in only a few hours or less
Does not erode, a longer-lasting solution
Great for fragile or sensitive slabs
Great for heavier, larger slabs
More expensive than mud-jacking, yet cheaper than the cost of replacement


Can take upwards of a day, if not several
Lasts around 2-7 years
Not ideal for heavy or load-bearing slabs
Cheaper than poly-jacking and replacement
Not ideal for areas that receive water runoff

A Concrete Replacement Slab

Complete replacement of the slab
May take anywhere from a day to a week
Most expensive option
Ideal if the concrete is cracked or damaged

From Mud-jacking to Polyurethane Foam: Which is Best?

From these options, it's clear that one will get the most bang for their buck in most situations with poly-jacking services. However, it should be noted that not every situation should be treated the same based on these facts. The best thing to do to figure out how the concrete should be lifted in your repair project is to contact a professional contractor to figure out which solution fits the most.

Fortunately, if you're looking to figure out which option works best for your particular case, Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting offers free project consultations for both residents and commercial entities.

Continue reading to get started on your next concrete leveling project today!

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