Crawl Space Waterproofing

Wet crawl spaces are a common problem in many property sub-levels and can be tricky to keep moisture out of. Waterproofing your crawl space is vital to keeping your home dry and free of mold, decay, and pests. Midstate Basement Authorities offers various services to fit your waterproofing needs, including crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation, and vapor barriers. We also offer a free consultation to assess your needs, and we'll work with you to create a customized waterproofing plan. Contact us today to learn more about our crawl space waterproofing services.

Choose Local Professionals That Properly Seal Up Your Crawl Space

Have you a home or business with an unsealed sublevel? If so, you may already know of the potential problems that come with this. Cracks can let water in, which rot the floor and damage your property, while mold and pests might also take up roost. When moisture and pests are allowed to get in and out of your structures sublevel, such as a crawl space, it's detrimental to the health of your property and even those living within it. Fortunately, some professionals can seal up this area for you.

Midstate Basement Authorities helps property owners secure their lower levels with expert crawl space encapsulation services, providing a barrier against water and pests. With our talented team of experts, you can trust that your sublevel is thoroughly sealed to prevent moisture damage and other issues. So whether you're looking to restore an existing crawl space waterproofing system or install a new one, we have affordable and reliable services to keep crawl spaces dry for decades.

What is Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Crawl space waterproofing is where you seal your crawl space with a vapor barrier so that moisture damage and invading pests can't get in. At first glance to the untrained eye, a basement or crawl area may seem to be completely sealed off. Though soil composition and the location of a home can affect how well it's sealed, these issues can be overlooked without specialized knowledge and training in crawl space encapsulation.

Our goal is to help clients save money through varying methods of effective crawl space waterproofing, such as installing a sump pump, adding an internal or external drainage system, encapsulation, vapor barrier, and other valuable forms of crawl space repair and protection.

Through these many methods, you can maintain a dry and usable sublevel no matter how inclement the weather is outside. And with our team of professionals, you can trust that you'll receive expert guidance on which waterproofing system works best for your waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation project.

Are you ready to get started on waterproofing your crawl space? Give us a call or schedule a 100% consultation with a waterproofing expert through our online virtual estimator!

How to Know if You Need Waterproofing Services

As previously mentioned, it can be difficult for an untrained expert to determine if a crawl space needs waterproofing services. To inform clients as much as possible concerning their projects, we provided examples of symptoms to look for. So if you notice any of the following signs of a leaky or wet crawl space, it's time to reach out to professionals that specialize in waterproofing and encapsulation:

  1. Peeling or Bubbling Paint on Walls or Floors
  2. Visible Mold Growth or Musty Smells
  3. A Musty Odor in Crawl Space Vents
  4. Visible Water Stains on Walls or Floors
  5. Water Leaking into Sublevel
  6. Drafts of Air or Unreasonably Cold Floors

Structural damage, infestations, and airborne bacteria can spread from a crawl space to any living area simply through cause and effect rather than direct crawl space deterioration. For example, visible mold growth on floor joists is a prime example of how water vapor decreases air quality and causes further damage to a property's structure. Wood rot also takes a heavy toll and is hazardous, raising total repair expenses far above the typical range of crawl space encapsulation costs.

These symptoms can often take days or weeks to diagnose after the initial damage has begun, though the effects spread to other property elements rather quickly. So if you're noticing any of these indicators, it's best to have a professional eye take a look to determine your best course of action.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

We've mentioned that having an encapsulated crawl space is one of the best waterproofing methods, but what exactly is crawl space encapsulation? The end goal of encapsulation is to create a sealed-off sublevel free of water damage from excess moisture.

Not to be mistaken with the installation of a vapor barrier or vapor retarder, crawl space encapsulation projects involve the addition of drainage systems or the fixing of drainage issues, contaminant or mold remediation, closing off crawl space vents, and adding moisture barriers (and the removal of old barriers) to completely seal off or "encapsulate" a structure's sublevel. This is done to the floors, walls, piers, and vents through a crawl space to prevent outside air from causing further deterioration.

Is it Worth it to Encapsulate Crawl Spaces?

Crawl space waterproofing is vital to protecting your home's foundation, but many homeowners are unaware of how it works and why it's crucial. The soil around your home's foundation is very porous and allows water vapors to travel through the ground and into your crawl space. When this happens, there is a high chance that mold spores will begin to grow and cause damage to your property's structure and inhabitants.

Yet if your crawl space is encapsulated, you'll be able to breathe easier knowing that your family members aren't at risk for developing respiratory problems due to mold or mildew. You'll also save yourself money in the long run by preventing further damage to your home.

Vapor barrier installation is often considered a crucial method of the crawl space encapsulation process. This substance keeps moisture out of your crawl space and prevents water from entering the ground and into your foundation. Encapsulating your crawl space is beneficial to both you and your home.

If your damp crawl space is adequately vented, it will help lower your energy costs and keep your crawl space dry. However, many homeowners do not realize the importance of having a professionally installed vapor barrier in their crawl space. If you hire the wrong company to encapsulate your crawl space, you may cause further damage and spend more money in the long run.

How Much Does Encapsulating A Crawl Space Cost?

Sometimes it's challenging to figure out a given crawl space encapsulation cost without the help of an expert on-site. For example, the size of your crawl space, the amount of debris or mold present, and additional services needed may amount to more or less than the average residential or commercial project. In addition, other factors can affect how much your crawl space costs, such as the local price of labor, so it's best to consult with a local crawl space encapsulation specialist for a personalized quote.

The average residential crawl space encapsulation cost ranges from $1,500 to $10,000, while a commercial-level encapsulation project can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000. To give you an idea of factors that directly affect the cost of an encapsulation project, we've compiled some of the most common price points below.

  • Crawl Space Cleaning Costs
  • Crawl Space Size
  • Pest Extermination Services
  • Crawl Space Decontamination
  • External or Internal Drainage Installs
  • Structural Repairs

Other Useful Methods For Waterproofing Crawl Spaces

Although it's one of the most effective ways to keep a crawl space dry, plenty of other practical waterproofing methods exist that don't involve crawl space encapsulation. Some of the most effective include installing a dehumidifier, fixing foundation cracks, and using a ground cover for added moisture protection. We cover each of these options in more detail below.


Installing a dehumidifier can prevent moisture from accumulating and causing mold growth, mildew, or cracking damage to your home's foundation. Some homeowners use this as an alternative to encapsulating their crawl space, and it tends to be less costly than installing a vapor barrier or conducting structural repairs.

Fixing Foundation Cracks

Cracked foundation surfaces are often a primary culprit in moisture infiltration into your crawl space. If left unchecked, they can cause extensive structural damage and cost you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Repairing even the most minor cracks help keep water out of your home's crawl space and prevent further damage to your property.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is another excellent solution for waterproofing your crawl space and preventing mold growth. If necessary, this substance forms a thick layer over all surfaces, including the walls, floor, and even the roof. It's also durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear from foot traffic and normal crawl space activities.

So if you're looking for an effective way to waterproof your crawl space and keep moisture out, consider investing in a vapor barrier or spray foam insulation. Not only could these solutions even be applied without the presence of a professional, but they're also highly affordable and commonly used in professional residential and commercial encapsulation projects.

Waterproofing and Crawl Space Encapsulation by Midstate Basement Authorities

With foundation waterproofing repair experts like ours at Midstate Basement Authorities, you can rest assured knowing your crawl space will be well-protected from the threat of moisture infiltration and more. Our team has years of experience providing waterproofing solutions for homes and businesses of varying sizes and scopes.

We handle crawl space encapsulation problems throughout New York, Florida, and Northern Pennsylvania. Call us through the resources below to learn more about our services or schedule an online virtual estimation on your project.

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