Foundation Repair

Foundation repair will help protect your home and prevent further damage if signs begin to appear. Our foundation repair experts will help stabilize the house's foundation and help prevent all types of foundation issues.

Foundation Piers

Piers have been a common fix for foundation issues because of their effectiveness. When the soil beneath a home's foundation begins to erode or compress, piers can be used as an effective way of providing support and stability by installing them underneath your home's concrete foundation. Midstate Basement Authorities offers pier installation to all homeowners & businesses who are looking for a permanent fix to their foundation issue.


Using shotcrete to fix foundation issues is a cost-effective and permanent solution. This foundation repair method involves projecting concrete at a high velocity at the targeted area. Using shotcrete will fill any cracks or voids in the foundation and help to stabilize it. Our team of experts will recommend shotcrete as the perfect repair method for homeowners looking for a long-term solution quickly and affordably. Midstate Basement Authorities is your go-to company that offers this foundation repair service.

Concrete Slab Stabilization

Concrete slab repair can be a costly and time-consuming process, which is why it is vital to have your slab stabilized as soon as you notice any signs of foundation problems. Our concrete slab stabilization methods involve foam injection to fill any cracks or voids in spots where natural foundation settlement has occurred. This process will help keep your foundation from moving and cracking in the future. Midstate Basement Authorities' goal is to become one of the best foundation contractors you can choose for your concrete slab stabilization needs.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Even though Midstate Basement Authorities can fix any of your home's foundation issues, it's crucial to identify the signs of common foundation issues. Don't ignore foundation cracks, leaning walls, and sunken or uneven floors because they can worsen over time. If you are unsure whether or not you're experiencing foundation problems, our experts at Midstate Basement Authorities would be more than happy to help identify the issue and provide a free estimate on how much it will cost to repair. We also consulted with our foundation experts to compile a list of problems you can identify today.

Cracked Walls

If you notice cracks in your basement walls or anywhere on the exterior of your home, you likely have a foundation problem. Foundation cracks can range in size and severity, but they always indicate instability in your home's foundation. Some might want to ignore hairline cracks, but they often grow and widen over time, making the foundation repair much more expensive.

Leaning Walls

A leaning wall is a clear sign of foundation settlement. When your home's foundation starts to move or sink, the walls will begin to lean due to unstable soil. ignoring walls that are leaning can be dangerous for your home and should be fixed as soon as possible. Even unique problems like these have solutions if you hire the right company.

Sunken or Uneven Floors

If you have noticed that certain areas of your floor are sunken or uneven, it is likely because the soil beneath your home has begun to erode. Tripping hazards can signify a more serious foundation problem and should not be ignored. Crawl spaces are especially susceptible to uneven floors because of the lack of support after the foundation has settled. Midstate Basement Authorities offer more than just basement waterproofing. If you are one of the homeowners experiencing this issue, contact us today to get your foundation issues taken care of quickly.

Interior & Exterior Trim Separation

One of the most subtle ways to identify foundation damage is trim separation. These signs usually occur when the trim around doors, windows, and walls starts to pull away, creating gaps between the two trim pieces. It can also signify that your home is experiencing excessive moisture, which is often caused by foundation problems. If you see any of these signs on your home, don't hesitate to call Midstate Basement Authorities for a free estimate and the best-personalized service around.

Residential Foundation Repair

Midstate Basement Authorities is a trusted and reliable company for all of your residential foundation repair needs. We have been in the business for years and have the experience to handle any residential foundation repair job, big or small. Our team of experts uses only the latest technology and equipment to repair your home's foundation, so you can rest assured that our foundation experts will do the job right the first time. We stand by our foundation work and make sure all of the homeowners we work for are happy.

Our Residential Foundation Repair Process

  • Great Quality Repair
  • Professional Crew
  • Free Estimate
  • Full Damage Inspection

Our foundation repair services come with a complete home inspection for foundation damage. In addition, we will inspect your entire home for any other damage and repair them simultaneously as your primary foundation repair job. We want to make sure that your home is stable and safe before we leave, so you can rest assured that your foundation is taken care of during and after we are finished.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Finding trusted foundation contractors that handle commercial foundation repair can be difficult, but Midstate Basement Authorities is the perfect company for your business property needs. Our repair methods are ideal for large industrial foundations and smaller jobs for businesses. In addition, our foundation experts have done crawl space repair, foundation repair, and other basement waterproofing jobs for companies throughout New York State.

Our Commercial Foundation Repair Process

  • Trained and Experienced Crew
  • Quickly Identify Foundation Issues
  • Safe and Efficient Foundation Repair
  • Industrial Grade Solutions

Our foundation experts understand how to fix commercial foundations. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly identify foundation issues and provide efficient, safe, and industrial-grade solutions for your business. We know that time is money for companies, so we work promptly and efficiently to get your business back up and running as soon as possible to protect your property and your customers.

Contact Our Foundation Repair Specialists Today!

We have a team of foundation repair specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to assess your foundation problem properly and provide you with the best solutions for your home. We have offices in the Ithaca & Syracuse region, but we provide the best foundation repair services throughout New York.

Midstate Basement Authorities offers free estimates on a wide range of foundation repair services that will address all of the foundation issues that you may be experiencing. We have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done right - quickly, efficiently, and affordably from crack repairs and helical pier installation to wall stabilization and crawl space repair.

Don't wait any longer to schedule an appointment. You can call us at 607-387-4825 or complete our online form. We know foundation repair is not something that should wait, which is why we offer some of the fastest service & best customer service.

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