Humidity Control

You can prevent excess moisture from getting into the concrete or wood and causing problems with humidity control systems. If you have a crawl space or a full basement, installing humidity control systems is an effective way to get rid of the moisture inside. While this might seem more costly than installing it inside your home, it will prevent any foundation damage caused by humidity. The best way to keep the humidity levels in check is with an automatic system that runs whenever needed. You'll also want to choose one that has an automatic shutoff, so it isn't running all the time when the humidity levels are normal for basements which causes unnecessary energy waste.

How to Tell You Need A Humidity Control System

If you live in a humid area like Florida, your home's humidity levels are likely too high to avoid foundation damage alone. Mold and mildew growth because of the moisture from the air is another easy way to tell that you need humidity control. Surface cracks on your basement or crawl space walls are also indications that there is too much moisture in the air. A condensate buildup can also cause problems because it will likely affect your foundation in some ways, whether with mold or mildew growth or not.

Why Fix Humidity Levels for Your Home

No matter what area you live in, humidity levels that are too high can result in moisture problems that worsen over time. If you want to save time, money, and your home's energy, you need to consider installing humidity control systems. Lowering the humidity in spaces that need to remove moisture from the air is an easy fix. In addition, you can protect your foundation by preventing excess moisture from getting into it. This can save you from extensive repairs and make your home safer for your family.

Humidity Control Systems installed by Midstate Basement Authorities

Even If none of the signs above are present in your home, but you live in a humid area, the chances are high that all it takes is an automatic humidity control system to prevent foundation damage. Our team will help remove excess moisture from your crawl space or basement. The dehumidifiers that Midstate Basement Authorities use are easy to install and only require a small amount of maintenance throughout the year. Simple methods like changing out filters and cleaning parts of the system are necessary to keep our dehumidifiers running.

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