We train our entire concrete leveling team to use the polyjacking method so that we can provide you with the best possible result. Polyjacking is our most requested concrete leveling method, and it works amazingly well for most types of slab repairs. Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting, a subdivision of Midstate Basement Authorities, offers unmatched polyjacking for all of our concrete leveling services, including commercial concrete leveling jobs for cities and towns in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.


Polyjacking is a newer process that is an alternative to mudjacking or muckjacking. It is the process of injecting expanding polyurethane foam into the spaces below a concrete slab that is cracked as a result of sinking or settling in order to lift it back into place. Polyurethane foam is a more modern and ideal solution to repairs because it is inorganic and will not break down over time. This helps ensure that the leveled concrete slab will stay leveled over the years and will not sink again as a result of the filling material breaking down.

Polyjacking is commonly used for concrete leveling at residential and commercial locations, including driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage floors, basement floors, and steps.

Throughout the years we have tested a variety of products and we now exclusively make use of the expanding polyurethane foam which was developed and created by SafeBasements, Inc. here in the US. We have successfully used the polyurethane foam on many projects and we are certain it can be used to permanently repair your sinking, cracked, or settling concrete slab.


The process of polyjacking is straightforward, simple, and very effective. The sinking concrete repair process is as follows:

  1. Clean the damaged concrete surface to prevent any dirt or debris getting in the way of a proper repair.
  2. Drill small holes in the surface of the sunken concrete.
  3. Polyurethane foam is steadily injected through the small holes.
  4. Concrete rises evenly as the foam expands in the cavity below the concrete.
  5. Once slab is level, we will patch all drill holes.


The advantages of polyjacking over similar methods are that it is very cost-effective, quick to implement, comprehensive due to the way the foam expands completely, and the longevity of the repairs.

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Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting is a subdivision of Midstate Basement Authorities that provide concrete leveling services for New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Our team has the skills to offer concrete lifting for residential homes and commercial buildings. We are proud of our long-lasting and more affordable solutions than a complete replacement.
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