Sidewalk Repair

Ignoring sidewalks and walkways that are sinking or slanted can be dangerous. When your sidewalk cracks, that is a sign that there are severe problems beneath the surface of the concrete. This means it's time to contact a concrete leveling company more often than not. Sidewalk leveling is more than just filling in holes and cracks; it involves injecting concrete lifting foam under the surface to lift the uneven sections properly. The Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting team, located in both New York & Florida, evaluates and repairs every sidewalk promptly.

When walking through a neighborhood or into a business, there is a very good chance you've been on a cracked, uneven, sinking, or potentially dangerous sidewalk. Once these become an actual tripping hazard, they can very quickly become a very dangerous and potential liability.

Settling supporting soil is the primary cause of sidewalks sinking and cracking. This is the result of moisture fluctuations in the soil over time which creates voids and subsequently the concrete sidewalk will shift. Once the sidewalk begins shifting, it will then sink into those voids and become uneven or ultimately crack. With the help of our concrete raising methods, we can get your sidewalk lifted back up and to the correct location.


Our team can use our polyjacking system to raise your sinking, cracked sidewalk back to its original position. This is done by pumping the polyurethane foam into the void below the sidewalk and leveling the slab back out. If you've got a sinking sidewalk, contact us today to have our experts work with you to repair the problem.

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