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Midstate Basement Authorities' online virtual estimator is a great tool for those in need of foundation repair or concrete repair services. This online estimator provides a quick and easy way to get an estimate for your commercial or residential project. Simply enter your information into the online form and you will receive a free, no-obligation estimate. Be it foundation repairs, waterproofing, or concrete repairs, Midstate Basement Authorities can help. 

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General contractor measures the void in the concrete to assess how to proceed and fix it with concrete repair solutions like polyjacking
How to Receive Your Estimate
Gather Project Info
More Project Info
Indicators For Concrete Repair
Indicators For Foundation Repair
Indicators For Waterproofing
How to Send Your Virtual Estimate
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What to Expect With Your Estimate
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How to Receive Your Estimate

The first thing needed to be done in order to receive your online virtual estimate is to gather your essential contact information. This includes your full name, home or mobile phone number, email, service area, and address. 

Be sure to check out our service locations to see if we serve your location!

Gather Project Info

Next, you'll want to gather general information on the repairs or services needed. Ideally, you've already assessed the situation and know which service you require, though it's helpful to gather information such as the current state of damage, how long the damage has occurred, and any previous, current, or future construction being undertaken.

More Project Info

Lastly, gather any potential causes, apparent effects, or anything unordinary that may pertain to the damage or repair. As well as your estimated budget, construction stipulations, task recommendations, or any other questions you may have.

Next, we've listed some indicators to look out for when surveying damaged areas.

Indicators For Concrete Repair

1.) Cracks, Water Pooling, Wear and Tear in Concrete
2.) Improperly Functioning Doors/Windows
3.) Sunken or Sloped Floors
4.) Interior or Exterior Wall Cracking
5.) Unanticipated Creased or Tearing Wallpaper

Indicators For Foundation Repair

1.) Cracks in Walls or Floors
2.) A Sloped, Settling, Bulging, or Sinking Foundation
3.) Sticking or Randomly Jammed Doors or Windows
4.) A Consistently Damp Crawl Space or Basement
5.) Cracked Piers or Beams
6.) Counters and Cabinets Loosening Off the Walls
7.) Chimneys Leaning or Separating From the Roof

Indicators For Waterproofing

1.) Paint Coats Bubbling or Peeling
2.) Damp Interior/Exterior Walls, Ceiling, Floor, etc.
3.) Salt Build-up
4.) Moisture Build-up
5.) Leaks, Floods, or Water Pool Up
6.) Mold, Mildew, or Fungus Growth

How to Send Your Virtual Estimate

After assessing the damages and gathering the correct information, fill out the required standard info and then select between the standard or commercial service categories (e.g. commercial, waterproofing, or foundation, concrete).

Afterward, choose the specified service(s) required for your project. This is also the time to fill in any necessary details and information that the contractor should know prior to getting started.

Upload Project Images

Finally, upload all relevant images that will help us determine the project cost, timeline, scope, and best next steps. After reviewing your submission, click the 'Submit Form' button.

One of our expert contractors will be in touch shortly to provide you with a free virtual estimate for your project! 

What to Expect With Your Estimate

When customers receive their estimates after submitting an online virtual estimator form, they can expect to receive a comprehensive estimate that will outline all the services that will be completed as part of the project, as well as the scope of the work and associated costs. 

However, customers should remember that the estimate is just that - an estimate. This estimate is likely to change once the mandatory in-person inspection has concluded.

Get Started With Your Online Virtual Estimate!

The total expense of the project will remain approximate until the scope of work, cost of materials used, and any unforeseen issues are fully accounted for. These factors may alter the final cost, though with Midstate Basement Authorities you'll stay updated on project costs, ensuring that you have no nasty surprises.

Now that you know everything you need to complete your online virtual estimate form, as well as everything to expect once you receive your assessment, it's time to get started!

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