Pool Deck Repair

If you are trying to fix your pool deck and you've been told you need a total replacement, think again. Full deck replacements can be expensive, and it's unnecessary to change out your entire deck if you are experiencing minor settling issues. For fractions of the cost, our concrete leveling specialists can inject expanding foam into any sinking or uneven spots to stabilize your pool deck surface and get the surface level again. No matter how severe the cracks and settling looks, it is possible to get your pool deck back in shape with the help of Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting.

Typical Problems that Concrete Pool Deck Repair Solves

Concrete pool decks are perfect for an in-ground swimming pool. When these pool decks are first poured, they allow for quick access for you and your guests to move about the pool's perimeter. Generally, the soil around the pool and under the deck is compacted back to the original level if the concrete surface is installed correctly. Unfortunately, more often than not, we find the soil is not compacted sufficiently. These soil conditions will cause your pool deck to begin to sink without warning. The backfill will settle faster than the untouched surrounding soil, which causes the ground supporting your pool deck to settle faster than the surrounding soil. We have found that even new concrete can settle enough to create voids below the pool deck, leading to cracks in the slab.

Our polyjacking methods are state of the art and can help repair any sinking or settling pool deck problems you may have.


  • Sloping - If the concrete pool deck is sloping more than a few degrees or the slope has increased over time. This tells you the deck is settling and needs to be repaired.
  • Cracks - While small concrete cracks do not indicate a significant problem, they could be a sign that your concrete pool deck will need repair. Better to get the problem fixed before it escalates.
  • Sinking - If you're noticing large dips between slabs around the deck, these are clear signs of a problem. If there is enough dip to trip over, you need repairs.
  • Settled Concrete - If you can feel or notice that your pool deck has settled over time, you can bet there is a bigger problem at hand. If this is the case, proper pool deck maintenance won't be enough to save your concrete deck.

If you notice any signs of sinking or concrete cracks in your pool deck, we can use our concrete raising system to restore the deck to the proper height and slope. Please contact us today if you've got any questions or want to start with suitable repair methods for your pool deck.

Types of Pool Decks We Repair

We can offer crack repair and concrete lifting services for any concrete pool deck. We handle commercial properties or residential homes with:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Colored or water-based stain
  • Exposed aggregate pool decks
  • Decorative concrete that is separating

Our team of concrete repair specialists can efficiently bring your concrete decks back up to be level with the surrounding concrete. As a result, the pool deck will be safe for guests to walk around with bare feet without fear of tripping or falling.

Where We Provide Pool Deck Repair

We are proud to offer pool deck repair services in three different states. Over the years we have expanded our reach to help more communities learn about the importance of pool deck repair. Our concrete leveling and repair services are available in:

Central New York

A concrete pool deck in New York can be great in the summer, but our cold weather is almost guaranteed to cause damage every year. When water seeps into larger cracks and freezes, it will separate the concrete slab. Crack repair services are essential for pool deck repairs, but it is also crucial for the surrounding soil to hold up under pressure. When water freezes in the cracks, it expands and causes heaving, which can pull back your concrete pool deck.

Northern Pennsylvania

Thankfully, the weather in Pennsylvania is a lot milder than in Central New York; however, there are still plenty of reasons pool decks will become uneven. If the soil takes on too much water, it will begin to settle in a way that only our polyurethane foam will be able to fix it. Your pool deck will shift and settle when there are water drainage issues, soil erosion, or any number of other soil-related problems.


It's almost a requirement to have a swimming pool at your house when you live in Florida, but the high humidity can cause significant problems for your pool deck. The high moisture content in the air will cause pool decks to become uneven from the soil improperly settling. If you are a pool owner in Florida, you can relate to the stresses of needing your concrete deck re-leveled and repaired.

Concrete Repairs vs. Concrete Resurfacing

There are two different types of pool deck renovation, repairing or resurfacing. Both will fix concrete pool deck cracks; however, they vary significantly by the actual cost of the repair. Pool deck resurfacing is costly and highly exhausting work. Concrete pool decks repaired with lifting foam are permanent, while resurfacing provides a temporary solution to problems.


Resurfacing pool decks are costly repairs done by placing a new layer of concrete onto your existing pool deck. A resurface will allow you to get rid of small and large cracks visibly, but it won't help you with major issues like uneven slabs or settling concrete.


When repairing your cracked concrete with appropriate material like concrete lifting foam, you inject foam under your pool deck, which will expand and efficiently support the concrete deck. This foam fills in the gaps of concrete, which prevent water from seeping through, concrete from settling, and air packets to be sealed, thus preventing further damage to your pool deck.

Don't Settle for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck refinishing is an option that will restore the look of your pool deck. However, replacing an existing concrete deck is more costly and does not provide the benefits of our concrete leveling process. In addition, even after resurfacing pool deck repairs, the repairs never fixed the root issue. This results in those pesky concrete pool deck cracks returning shortly after the work is done.

We can ensure a long-lasting pool deck repair by adequately supporting the soil underneath your concrete pool deck with durable concrete leveling foam. We inject our concrete lifting foam underneath the concrete deck, filling any voids and fully supporting the pool deck wherever the soil can't. The resulting repair is a safe and clean solution that will hold up for many years, leaving you to get back to enjoying your swimming pool.

Contact Concrete Deck Leveling & Lifting Professionals

The Midstate Concrete Leveling & Lifting team has extensive experience in leveling pool decks, driveways, walkways, and so much more. We have an unbeatable track record that includes happy customers over many years of business. We offer a free quote exceptional service, and we clean up our job site every time. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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